Prevention Policy (COVID-19)

If you do not agree with the measures presented, we can postpone or cancel the appointment.

• At the entrance to the premises, visitors are asked to follow the appropriate prevention procedures, by wiping their feet on a carpet soaked in disinfectant and cleaning their hands.

• The medical mask is mandatory and must be worn throughout the visit.

• We provide cabinets for personal items and protection for shoes at the escape room entrance.

• In the time interval between the entry of different teams, the surfaces are disinfected.

• The presence of specific symptoms caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus will mean the ban on access to the site. The missions can be interrupted and the players evacuated, with the announcement of the authorities.

• The wait, in the case of groups arriving earlier, will be done outside.

• Please keep the recommended distance, both from the staff and from the other players.

• By presenting at the appointment you give your consent to the storage and transmission of data (name, date, time and telephone), for 30 days from the date of appointment, to the competent authorities in case of an epidemiological investigation.