Play with time in the first Escape Rooms with an Augmented Reality App.​​

Play with time in the first Escape Rooms with an Augmented Reality App.

We are the Timelines Agency. You are our new recruits.

As agents, you will be sent on missions and explore various timelines. You can see the distant past or the future. Or travel in alternative realities, looking for artifacts, correcting temporal errors throughout the Multiverse. You will stop unauthorized time travel and restore order. Or have you already done that?

An adventure like never before, with total immersion. Travel in time with friends, family, colleagues or on a date. Anyone can save the Universe!

What you need to know


Our rooms are designed for teams of 2 to 6 people, regardless of their experience with other escape rooms. The waiting area is transformed into an interactive museum, with real, digitally augmented exhibits, with which you can take photos and videos.


As members of the Agency, the new agents will be transported through time and space, correcting changes made by unauthorized time travelers. The main mission of all agents is to preserve the cohesion of the system of Alternative Universes and to prevent the birth of others.


You will be provided with the objectives of each mission, depending on the period, but also tools with which you can analyze the past or the future.


Here are 10 reasons to visit our escape rooms


You will have an incredible experience

We'll help you forget about your daily troubles, while you enter new worlds, both as participants and spectators. You will be the main actors and you will shape reality, influencing the past, present and future of all people. We hope you'll enjoy our unique games and clues.


Try the next step made by escape rooms: extended reality

The agency welcomes you with spectacular real scenery in all rooms. Beyond that, you will find an extra layer of digital reality, augmenting the story you are in. It's not about virtual reality, so you'll be free of constraints using our augmented reality app.


We have games for all players, beginners or experts

After visiting dozens of escape rooms and playing hundreds of puzzle-based video games, we wanted to give our agents a special challenge and experience. At the same time, we make sure they spend their time in a pleasant way, even if they are advanced or trying an escape room for the first time.


Our rooms are entirely original

Many escape rooms use (legally or not) content from famous movies, books or games. We wanted to prove that we can offer you something spectacular without copying or infringing copyright. This starts right on this site, with illustrations and story based on the content of the rooms, but then continues with every little detail about the Timelines Agency.


Specially constructed themed scenes

Think about a movie set. Or a museum diorama. Now combine those with a theater stage and you’ll have an idea about the detail level that you’ll get to experience first hand. Each object has been designed to fit the setting and the time period. Even our waiting room has specially designed spots if you want to take some pictures for your social media accounts, enhanced by our App.


We use the latest technology

You will enter the rooms with our gadgets and leave yours outside, so as not to interfere with other timelines (and the sensitive sensors we use). You will be able to keep your phones charged, in locked cabinets, along with other objects. They will be safe and monitored, so you can concetrate on solving your missions without worries.


Get involved in connected stories

Instead of having rooms that are bland and almost completely devoid of story, we believe that we have achieved a balance between independent original scenarios and a vast Universe, in which all the action takes place. You can just try one room and end a chapter. You can also play them all, in any order, to have a complete picture of the narrative.


You can train your brain and have a good time

Your entertainment comes first. Beyond that, our rooms have educational and historical components to them, not unlike interactive museums. You’ll learn real little known facts about what happened in various ages and then you’ll be able to use those informations as clues that might help you solve a puzzle or give you a hint on the next step of your travel through time.


You can easily reach our central location

Location is an important aspect and we’re aware of that. We don’t want you to lose hours to reach us, so we tried to be close to public transport nodes and in a central spot. Also, we hope to partner with other businesses in the area and give you tips and vouchers for good places to eat and drink, hostels if you need a place to stay over night, tourist destinations and other locations that you can visit if you plan your day around our location. You can see more details in the Contact page.


We treasure our Agents

You are our most important resource. Our #1 goal is for you to feel great, starting with the first time you interact with us. So don’t be shy, give us a call if we can help you with any sort of information. We also noted down answers to the frequently asked questions, a page where we periodically add content. By asking us something you help others as well, as it might be relevant to more people. And if you like us back, we appreciate a good rating and a review.