The Agency has prepared a different scenario for you in each historical period. Choose your favorite mission in our escape rooms.

Room 1: Riddles of the Sphinx

Mission description: The Chief Architect is on the run. After making plans for the last pyramid and the secret chambers inside it, he refused to be locked in one of them after construction was completed. Pharaoh's most trusted man is looking for him and we have information that an unknown agent from the future is trying to kidnap him as well. Find out what happened to the missing architect, before the events get out of control and lead to the creation of a new Alternative Universe.

  • Timeline: Egypt – 2503 BC
  • Difficulty: Beginner Agents
  • Available time: 60 minutes
  • Team Members: 2 – 6

Room 2: Temple of Sacrifices

Mission description: The entire Aztec civilization is at a crossroads. At this exact point in time, they will start a revolution that will make them the absolute rulers of their region. The Aztecs will conquer hundreds of cities, with a subjugated population of over 6 million people. We have information that one of their leaders is targeted by an unauthorized time traveler, for reasons that we do not yet know. You must prevent his assassination, keep the events unchanged and gather additional information.

  • Timeline: The Aztec Empire – 1428
  • Difficulty: Experienced Agents
  • Available time: 60 minutes
  • Team Members: 2 – 6

Room 3: Twin Cities

Mission description: One of the first agents betrayed our organization and his actions led to the birth of two new paths in time. In the first one, a steampunk culture emerged. In the second, people adopted a cyberpunk current. Hundreds of years in the future, London and Tokyo started to merge. Our rogue agent was behind this, as he created an unstable time portal. You need to locate and extract him, so we can find out how to restore the natural order.

  • Timeline: Tokyo and London – 2250
  • Difficulty: Enthusiastic Agents
  • Available time: 60 minutes
  • Team Members: 2 – 6

Room 4: End of Times

Mission description: You can’t turn back something that doesn’t exist anymore. Use all the information our Agency gathered from previous missions and save the Time itself. Quantum states, clusters of galaxies and you, on the point of finding out what’s the meaning of life and true reality. Choose the path your species will take while you decide what you're willing to sacrifice in return: your humanity or the lives of countless people living in other Universes.

  • Timeline: Cosmos – Before the Big Bang
  • Difficulty : Masters of Time
  • Available time: 60 minutes
  • Team Members: 2 – 6

Time fragments