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An experience in which a group of people collaborate to solve a mission in a given space, having a certain period of time. The concept first appeared in PC and console games. It then became Real Life Escapes and Virtual Reality Escapes. We want an approach that represents an evolution, one that includes an adventure in real life, combined with augmented reality, for spectacular results. No matter what name and definition you use, “escape room games” or a simple “fun times”, we look forward to seeing you.

A combination of real environments with virtual environments, in which human-technology interactions take place.

Extended Reality (XR) includes Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

We developed our own AR application, with computer-generated sensory input (3D objects, sounds, 3D animations, holograms, videos, 2D graphics), which would represent an extra layer of interaction, over the real decor.

Temporal distortions usually make time travel of more than 60 minutes impossible. If other recruits do not start their mission immediately after your team, the agent in charge of you may come in and help you complete your mission at the end of the normal game period. You may also receive a few bonus minutes if you are very close to the end, but do not rely on that. You just wouldn’t want to come back from the mission with a third arm or other mutations, would you?
It all starts from the moment you make the reservation. From now on you will be treated as recruits of the Agency, potential agents. Arriving at the headquarters, you will be given a short training, then you will travel in time to complete one or more missions. Complete missions according to the instructions received and look for objects that can help you identify games, puzzles, keys, codes and other similar items. Some are visible as soon as you enter the room, others are discovered along the way, physically or with the help of the Augmented Reality App. Anything can help: a written message, a strange object, some decorations. You need to use your sense of observation and talk to each other. Cooperation and communication are essential as time goes on.
As time goes on, you may find that you need help. We provide you with an intuitive clue system, embedded in our AR App, with which you can scan the past and the future, to receive subtle suggestions or to see directly the solution of a puzzle, if you choose this. Do not force objects or locks, you could break them and risk ruining your experience, but also create problems for those who will try to travel in time after you. Objects with secret compartments will open as soon as you solve a puzzle, there is no need to use brute force. The props contain clues and visual suggestions. Every key, code or cipher works effortlessly, but if there are any problems, the agent who received you follows you and can help you directly. Intentional destruction of objects by cutting, burning, striking, forcing or other extreme maneuvers is prohibited. If you ignore this warning, you will urgently return to the current reality and you will have to pay for the repairs. This is not the case when it is clear that the intention was missing, but even so please treat the objects and decorations carefully.
You don’t have to worry. We have no visible sockets and the electronics are protected. The secret doors and compartments are secured with low voltage current. You are not locked in the rooms and you can go out whenever you want. In addition, as a safety measure, there are panic buttons. If you have any health issues that you are aware of, let us know and we will find out together if a room is safe for you. The physical effort required is minimal, but some rooms have lights and sounds that can trigger certain conditions. We do our best to make sure you’re safe after you step on our doorstep.

You can choose between Romanian and English. If we expand to other countries or if there will be demand for this in our Bucharest locaiton, we will try to add scenarios translated into several languages.

Nothing will require your strength or physical flexibility. If you can open a bottle, lift a chair or go up the stairs, you passed the physical exam our agents must take. To solve your mission, you will never have to slip under a bed or move a cabinet or other massive piece of furniture. Our games and the mechanisms that trigger them are carefully designed to be as smart and fun as possible, easy to operate, without the risk of injury. As such, the only things you need are a good sense of observation, logic, attention to details, ingeniousness, inventiveness, creativity, imagination and trust in your team.

In order not to influence the timelines they visit, agents should not leave traces of their passage. Social Media notifications fall in this category, so we’ll provide you with locked lockers in a safe and supervised area so you don’t have to worry about unrelated items. As a bonus, you’ll be able to charge your electronic devices while they’re locked.

No matter how mysterious our decorations seem or how spectacular the objects in the rooms are, it is not allowed to film them. This would spoil the surprise of others and reveal the secrets of the rooms to other potential players. If you want something to show your friends, we invite you to our specially designated area to take photos and videos with themed objects and characters in augmented reality, at no extra cost. We can send you the results by e-mail or (only with your permission) we will post them on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

If you fail in the allotted time, you will be shown how to complete the mission. In these conditions, we do not mind if you want to relive the experience in the same team formula or with new partners, but we will not record your time as a record, for obvious reasons.

Please book your game online by clicking Book Now or give us a call.
Yes, missions require a minimum of two agents to be solved. You will come with your own team or you can find partners in advance among our fans, on Facebook or Instagram. You will not be teamed up with strangers, all our games are private.

Our rooms are designed for teams of 2 to 6 people. If you have an event, our maximum capacity is 24 people in the rooms at the same time and 24 more outside, in the reception area.

Room 1 | 6 people
Room 2 | 6 people
Room 3 | 6 people
Room 4 | 6 people

Yes, booking is the best option to assure you find an opening in our schedule.

No. You will receive missions, which will consist of performing certain actions or retrieving objects. It’s a safer version of the first escape rooms and we think it adds an extra narrative element to the classic “we lock you in a room, find the key to get out”. We have closed doors, included in the theme of each room, but they are not locked, you can go out whenever you want. Beyond that, you have panic / safety buttons, at the press of which the doors will open automatically. If any power outages occur, the doors open automatically. If you feel the need to leave the room, you can do so at any time. We recommend a visit to the toilet before starting a mission, so as not to spoil the atmosphere for you and your teammates (by leaving them at an important time).
Vă rugăm să veniți cu cel puțin 15 minute înainte de startul misiunii pe care ați rezervat-o. Jocurile vor începe exact la ora menționată și se vor termina în 60 de minute. Avem nevoie de timp să pregătim misiunile și pentru echipele care urmează după voi. Dacă nu există o rezervare după voi, în cazuri speciale, dacă sunteți foarte aproape de final, putem prelungi timpul alocat. Dacă veți întârzia și urmează o altă echipă după voi, asta va însemna ca ei intră la timp și echipa voastră va avea mai puțin timp la dispoziție.

See all our prices in the Prices page.

You can pay:
– online, when you’re booking a mission;
– at location, with a card;
– at location, with cash.

Sure. Paid bookings can be rescheduled for free in a similar time frame, up to 48 hours before the game, if you let us know. If you want to reschedule an unpaid reservation, we can do it for you, call us. If you make a reservation without paying and cannot come, let us know. If you wish to cancel a paid reservation, we can refund 75% of the value if you notify us at least 48 hours before the start of the mission. We cannot offer refunds for cancellations made with less than 48 hours before the game.

You can leave your car in front of the Agency’s headquarters. We may have special places for bicycles or other means of transport that require less space.

We recommend our games to anyone over the age of 14. For minors, the consent of a parent or a person who will take responsibility for them is required. In special conditions we also receive younger recruits, but accompanied by adults to supervise them. There is no upper limit, after all, we are dealing with the passage of time.

We can help organize events of any kind. Contact us for details.
Our games last an hour. Beyond that, you need 15 minutes before the game to see what your missions is and train in using our Augmented Reality App. After completing the mission, we recommend a minimum of 15 minutes to give each other feedback and talk about your experience. You can take pictures and videos in an area specially designed for these things.
No food is allowed in the rooms. Alcohol is strictly forbidden in our space and we reserve the right to refuse players who appear to be intoxicated. We offer coffee, tea or hot chocolate, which you can consume in the waiting area. For events, we can organize food delivery with catering companies.

Never inside, both for legal reasons and as a safety measure. We have a specially designed outdoor area for smokers.

Sure. Give us a call or an e-mail.

If you have any other questions, you can find us by e-mail or phone!