Do you have a big event and think our Agency is the perfect location? We agree! Our escape rooms are always a good idea for:


Corporate Meetings and Team Building

  • Do you have a business partner you’d want to know better or impress?
  • Do you think your employees could improve working better as a team?
  • Do you want to test the cooperation between different departments?
  • Or maybe you want to celebrate a big contract or an award?
In a race against time, your team members will cooperate, improve their own skills and encourage others. Even if they never interacted until now, people will discover what strong points they have and what are the strengths of their playmates. They will call on each other, rely on each other, become more ambitious in solving the tasks and win. Not to mention the memories they’ll build with the help of our amazing location.
We follow the activity in each room in real time and we can intervene if necessary. If the participants agree and you want to watch a game together, we can find solutions and you can join to see who notices the most clues, who solves puzzles faster, who has leadership skills, who takes responsibility for a more difficult puzzle. You can see how communication works and how team spirit is built during the game!


  • Need an extraordinary event for your group?
  • Have you thought of something special as a way to celebrate something?

Whether it’s a bachelor party, a birthday party, a creative marriage proposal or any other kind of mischievous gathering with loved ones, we can help you organize and host the most memorable party you’ve ever been to. We can also hide gifts in our rooms, where they can be found in addition to ordinary objects and clues!


First Dates

  • What better way to get to know your date than our escape rooms?
You can solve our missions together and discover a new person by interacting for 60 minutes, in an environment you will both remember for a long time!

We can help you create multiple groups and receive up to 48 people at a time, including the waiting area. It would take 6 hours for a team of 2-6 people to complete all the rooms in a row.

For 24 people, it would take another 6 hours to explore all the missions, by rotation. With all our location available, you can experiment with several different teams, trying out all the rooms, in a private experience. It is the simplest and most fun event you could plan for colleagues, friends and family!

Check out the special prices we have for events with more than 20 people and contact us for any other aspects related to the event you would like us to host for you. We look forward to seeing you any day of the week!